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KALAKUNJ, a community-based Performing Arts group started by Ananya Chatterjee in 2008, aims to encourage and support people's interest in traditional art and culture from South Asia in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom and its surrounding areas. Kalakunj has successfully endeavoured to preserve, promote and share the rich cultural heritage of South Asian performing arts. Kalakunj has been awarded the PRIDE OF READING AWARD in 2022 for Cultural Contribution (more in the NEWS section).

Kalakunj means "Garden of Arts". Kalakunj aims at increasing the scope of the practise and research of South Asian dance in the community. At present Kalakunj offers regular training in Bharatanatyam, an ancient classical dance form of India. Kalakunj trains keen learners to the highest quality of perfection and constantly encourages the students to develop their own style and character in dance. Kalakunj is happy to welcome students from multi-cultural background and all ages and abilities. Kalakunj has been involved with various nationally funded projects, community-led events and festivals in the region and beyond.

Photo Credit: Kalakunj

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