Deepa Shyamprasad

My association with Kalakunj started as a parent volunteer over a decade ago. The awe of this amazing art form has grown on me so much, that I am now a student at Kalakunj. As a project management professional, I have had the opportunity to contribute as Project Coordinator for ‘Krishna: The Mythological Hero’, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. I now look forward to continuing to partake in the upcoming project – ‘Shakti’. Outside Kalakunj, I am an IT professional and mum of two lovely teenagers.

Henna Patel

I have been always passionate about Indian classical dance and trained in Bharatanatyam, thereby my interest in Indian culture and arts has grown. Over the years, my role has evolved from being a pupil to becoming a support volunteer and teacher, involved in enriching the new British generations with Indian art forms. I previously fulfilled the role of HLF Project Administrator for 'Krishna: The Mythological Hero', this revolved around supporting the delivery of the project, assisting the Project Lead and Project Coordinator. I am thrilled to embark upon Kalakunj's next venture of ‘Shakti’ to explore different cultural approaches to feminism; and to share the richness of the various Indian performing arts with the wider community, both palpably and in spirit. Aside from this, the skills I have developed in my career as a pharmacist also contribute to my work for Kalakunj; particularly with regards to building strong relations with the wider community and embarking upon a shared learning journey.

Deepa Satagopan

In 2011, I had rediscovered dancing after a gap of 10 years when I started to dance with my daughter at her class at Kalakunj. Since then there has been no going back and now I have the privilege of dancing alongside a close-knit team of dancers and participate in various performances throughout the year.  In addition, I also play a key role developing marketing material designs for various events and projects through poster and banner design. I really look forward to every project we work on, as it always provides a well-rounded balance between learning from our rich history, exploring new ideas and developing my dance repertoire.

Kavitha Prakash

I am an IT professional with a great passion for Indian Classical Music and Dance. I was delighted when Kalakunj was established in Reading and enrolled my daughter for the Bharatanatyam classes. As a child, I learnt the 'Veena' instrument and understand very well how one's life can be greatly enriched, with even basic knowledge of any art form. I also love painting and stage decorations. This love and appreciation for arts has driven me to take an active participation in events and projects involving music, dance and decorations. The Heritage Lottery Fund Projects organized by Kalakunj is an amazing platform to embrace the arts world, while working to deliver awareness of Indian culture in the local community.

Krishnapriya Lekha

I am part of the Kalakunj family since 2012 when my daughter and I signed up for the lessons with Ananya. It has been an enriching journey since then. I have played active roles in various initiatives by Kalakunj including the previous projects - 'The Story of Shiva' & 'Krishna: The Mythological Hero'. Currently, I am acting as an IT consultant for the SHAKTI project.

Mamatha Shastry

I am a C&I Engineer with a passion for Music and Dance. My journey with Kalakunj began in 2013 when I signed up for classes for my daughter with Ananya. From then to now, I have been lucky enough to have seen and been part of so many wonderful projects such as the ‘Krishna: The Mythological Hero’. To me, Kalakunj is a beautiful team of people with a shared passion for the Indian arts, culture and heritage and I could not be happier to be part of this family. I am especially excited to be a part of an upcoming project, ‘Shakti’. I look forward for what the brighter future holds for Kalakunj.

Rejitha Lovesh

I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate. I used to learn Bharatanatyam in my childhood and later I had a long break. The love and strong passion I have for this art form made me restart my training with Kalakunj in 2014. Since then I got many opportunities to learn and perform Bharatanatyam. For me dance is a powerful tool for self-expression and an energy booster. I have been part of various HLF projects organised by Kalakunj in previous years. This a wonderful platform to explore more about this art enriched with Indian culture. I look forward to working on our new ACE project ‘Shakti’ and enhance my knowledge and experience. 

Rincy Chacko

I am a Computer Science Graduate and a Software engineer by profession, currently a full-time homemaker post my second born who is in her toddler phase. My interests start from my passion for cooking in different cuisine, travelling with my family visiting new historic places and being close to nature, engaging in casual sports like Badminton, Chess, Swimming and always ready to try adrenaline rushing rides and activities. An avid practitioner on Word Games, Sudoku and puzzles, I am inspired by the thought, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” This keeps me on the lookout for any opportunity to serve the people in need through charities and more importantly engaging with young children to make them righteous Humans. I have been part of the Kalakunj family since 2012 through my elder daughter when she was 5 years old and took her baby steps in Bharatanatyam. I have been fortunate to be part of various Kalakunj projects and have actively participated in them. It has been an exciting journey throughout as I come to be enlightened about the rich culture, history and various art forms by attending workshops, and visiting heritage sites that further enhances the purpose and understanding of the art form. The passion and dedication of the professional artists are very inspiring. I am delighted to be a part of the ‘Shakti’ project.

Parimala Rachapudi

I am an IT Professional, otherwise a person who is very passionate about Indian classical dance, especially Bharatanatyam. When not at my day job, I am usually reading or painting. My journey with Kalakunj started in 2012 when I enrolled my daughter in Kalakunj for dance classes. Being part of Kalakunj is wonderful, that helps me stay connected with Indian culture, music and the values of dance. While every dance style has its own charms, whirls and rhythms, it just feels Bharatanatyam can capture a certain kind of beauty better than others and undoubtedly, Kalakunj helps preserve and promote this rich heritage.

Sresha Banerjee

I started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 9 in Mumbai, India – and had to abruptly stop my training after 3 years when my family moved to the UK. Thanks to Kalakunj and my guru Ananya Aunty, I have been able to continue pursuing my passion, 5000 miles away from its origin. Through dance, as well as Kalakunj’s cultural heritage efforts, I have learnt about Indian mythology, culture and traditions – understanding centuries of history behind the dance form and its modern evolution to the present day. I am excited to continue sharing my love and passion for Indian dance in the UK through Kalakunj’s projects. When I’m not dancing, I am currently pursuing my MBA on the side at Warwick Business School!

Soumya Rao

I am a dance devotee, who is passionate about Indian classical dance form and love to explore the unknown by understanding the art form to its depth. My connection with Kalakunj is since 2013. When I was keen to continue with my dancing routine in Reading, I was very pleased to discover Kalakunj, which was then and even now ceaselessly aiming to encourage and support people's interest for the traditional art form from South Asia. Kalakunj has always nurtured my passion and interest towards the dance form by involving me in various activities; be it regular dance lessons, annual showcases, workshops by various artists, numerous stage performances or training pupils in practising the dance form etc, and has refined me as a student, teacher and volunteer. Not to forget Kalakunj's successful HLF projects: 'The Story Of Shiva' and 'Krishna - The Mythological Hero', which was an absolute delight to be a part of, working as a student-parent volunteer - experiencing the history of Indian Art and Culture in Queen's land. Working as a volunteer for the above projects has made it possible for me to reach out to various local communities and activities around it by creating awareness of and liking for Indian Art and culture. I now look forward to be a part of Kalakunj's 2019-20 project 'SHAKTI', which is going to be another exciting one and of great value to the community.

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